Del Mar Networks

Look Inside Global Commerce
with Unbiased Hardware-Based Web Traffic Data


E-Commerce Traffic Data Directly From Web Infrastructure

Del Mar Networks has pioneered the development of novel techniques for measuring web traffic at minute-level resolution using direct observations of web infrastructure. Unlike clickstream or aggregated customer data, data collected from profiling web infrastructure is free of sampling bias, pressures of public opinion (tracking), and completely independent of any PII concerns.

With broad company coverage and multiple access methods, data is easy to ingest and widely applicable.

Accurate, High-Frequency Data

Del Mar Networks collects minute-resolution web traffic data on publicly traded companies to reveal an inside look at global e-commerce trends.

Widely Applicable Insights

Del Mar Networks' data reveals trends at scales ranging from hourly to quarterly. Outmanuver the competiton on earning beats and misses, guide distressed debt strategies, and drive new innovation.

Actionable & Digestible

Signals produced by Del Mar Networks platform can be ingested with near-zero latency. Del Mar Network's team of M.I.T. and Caltech educated engineers and data scientists work with our customers to ensure simple integration and maximum impact.

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We pride ourselves on delivering rapid, knowledgable service to our customers. Contact us today to learn more about how data from Del Mar Networks data can unlock new insights and strategies. Our January 2020 white paper is available upon request by qualified parties.